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索尼手机滞销 公司巨亏数十亿

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本文摘要:All is not well at Japan’s flagship electronics maker.这家日本的旗舰电子产品制造商堪称诸事不如意。


All is not well at Japan’s flagship electronics maker.这家日本的旗舰电子产品制造商堪称诸事不如意。Sony has projected its current fiscal-year loss will widen to more than $2.1 billion, a bigger loss than previously expected, as the Japanese company trims the value of its mobile communications business.随着索尼(Sony)上调了对其移动通讯业务的估值,这家日本公司预计本财年的亏损将远超过之前的预计,超过21亿美元以上。The company said it will book an impairment charge of about 180 billion yen ($1.7 billion). The company is shifting gears in the mobile segment, now focusing on reporting more stable profits and concentrating on its premium lineup, while reducing the amount of models in its mid-range lineup. Sony had previously admitted sales of its mid-range smartphones, intended for emerging markets, hadn’t been as strong as the company had hoped.索尼回应,将算入一笔高达1,800亿日元(17亿美元)的资产减值。公司正在改变移动部门的运营方式,更好地侧重平稳的盈利,将精力投放高端产品,同时增加中端机型的品种。


索尼之前曾否认,针对新兴市场发售的中端手机销量不如公司预计的那样强大。The mobile-phone business was Sony’s largest sales contributor last year, and was also the company’s most profitable electronics division just a year ago, according to The Wall Street Journal.据《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)报导,去年,手机业务对索尼的销售额贡献仅次于,也是公司盈利最少的电子产品部门。

In the past, Sony has said the company needs to expand its smartphone business because many areas in which it competes — including the cameras and video games markets — are closely tied to mobile devices, the Journal has reported. Sony isn’t expected to exit the smartphones business, but is expected to be more selective about which countries it targets and which models it debuts.《华尔街日报》称之为,索尼曾回应公司必须扩展其智能手机业务,因为该公司参予竞争的许多领域——还包括照相机和电子游戏市场——都与移动设备密切涉及。预计索尼会解散移动手机领域,不过不会更为慎重地自由选择目标国家和亮相机型。



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